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Arnold Engineering UK - Advanced Limb Protectors maintains its position at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture of specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for police forces, prison services and other specialist applications worldwide.

Resulting from our ongoing collaboration with the Protective Clothing Research Facility, Cambridge University and SATRA Safety Product Centre, our ranges of type-approved and "CE" Marked PPE products incorporate state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods.

Significantly we continually take into account the latest biomechanical and medical data from within the European Standardisation work programme and other scientific forums; further enhancing the knowledge available to us and enabling ongoing evolution within our product development programme.

By adding input from experienced practitioners, the ergonomic performance of our PPE products is improved still further, resulting in probably the most advanced product of their type available.





The Arnold "Advance" range of limb protectors
carrying the "CE" Mark satisfy EU legislation
covering Personal Protective Equipment and
enable purchasers and police forces to comply with
the requirements of the Police
(Health & Safety) Act 1997.

  Combining tried and tested design philosophies with recent advances in materials, technology and biomechanical data from within the European Standardisation work programme, the Arnold "Advance" range of limb protectors provides two different performance levels of limb protector, addressing increasing risk of injury:

"Level 1" (identified by the "/CE-L1" model suffix) – for training and operational use where a lower incidence and/or severity of impacts is anticipated.

"Level 2" (identified by the "/CE-L2" model suffix) – for training and operational use where the incidence and/or severity of impacts will be higher than in "Level 1" situations.

Benefiting from ergonomic research and reference to national and international anthropometric surveys, Arnold "Advance" limb protectors are available in a range of three sizes to ensure outstanding protective coverage and comfort for both male and female users.

Independently tested at the Protective Clothing Research Facility, Cambridge University, Arnold "Advance" limb protectors feature the latest impact energy attenuating materials.

Approved by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Limited – European Notified Body Number 0120 - a division of the Societé Generale de Surveillance Group, the world’s largest product verification, inspection and testing organisation.






NOTE: It is recommended that purchasers
give consideration to the requirements of
prevailing EU and national legislation
embodying Health and Safety of employees
and use of Personal Protective Equipment
in the workplace, and the potential effects of
these regulations on purchasing choices,
when choosing between "Prime"
and "'Advance" products.



The traditional range of Arnold limb protectors - rebranded as "Prime", continues to form part of our extensive product portfolio and compliments the "Advance" range of type-approved and "CE" marked products.

Developed in conjunction with leading practitioners, the "Prime" range has for many years been the choice of police forces and prison services worldwide. Combining an ABS shell with a backing of closed cell foam, and featuring velcro fastened straps for superior fit and comfort, the "Prime" range provides exceptional mobility, and is ideal for use by those for whom the benefits of reduced overall thickness and weight are important; and for whom the difference in protective performance compared to that of the type-approved "Advance" range is a lesser consideration