FX® Conversion Kits



Advantages: Easy-to-install; designed to fit user's own service weapons; designed to preclude the inadvertent chambering of duty ammunition; conversion barrels made of high-quality steel; tool-free conversion of most weapons; weapons can be quickly converted back to duty status; near-normal weapon recoil; safe force-on-force, interactive live-fire scenarios for training with FX® Marking Cartridges; convenience of Close Quarter Target training any time, any place with CQT® Cartridges; training with interactive video-based simulator systems, multiple integrated laser engagement systems and K-9 training team with SecuriBlank™; available for most popular weapons.

Applications: Realistic training for SWAT teams, military forces and law-enforcement agencies involved in: Basic firearms familiarisation and skill development, tactical scenarios, individual and team situations, counter-terrorism, close-quarter battle (CQB), Urban fighting (MOUT/FIBUA), VIP Protection.

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Simunition® believes that realism is the most important aspect of effective law-enforcement and military training. Based on the concept of realistic training, Simunition® has developed conversion kits which allow users to train safely with their own service weapons and duty equipment in single shot, burst or full-automatic mode. These innovative and high-quality kits produce realistic recoil and ensure the proper operation and cycling of converted weapons with FX®, SecuriBlank™ and CQT® training ammunition.



      Most Simunition® conversion kits are easy to install and require no special tools. Simple, yet reliable and safe, these kits require replacing the duty barrel on most pistols and the upper receiver for rifles and carbines, installing safety rings in revolvers and a safety adapter in shotguns. Weapons can be quickly converted back to operational status once training is over. The kits are made from the same type of high-strength materials as duty weapons and are designed with various safety features to help preclude the chambering and firing of lethal, live ammunition.

New Simunition® conversion kits are constantly being designed, tested and qualified. These new designs are patent protected.



        Conversion Kits for FX® Marking Cartridges.

Conversion kits used with FX® Marking Cartridges allow the user to experience reality using a converted duty weapon and firing a non-lethal FX® Marking Cartridge directly at a human target without inflicting serious injury. The FX® Marking Cartridge delivers a "Pain Penalty" for tactical or judgment errors made by the user.



        FX® Marking Cartridges are available in 9 mm and .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Simunition® conversion kits allow FX® Marking Cartridges to be fired from: 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols; 9 mm submachine guns; 5.56 mm rifles and carbines; .38 Special/.357 Magnum revolvers and 12 Gauge pump-action shotguns.

FX® Marking Cartridges are available in 5.56 mm as well, for military forces only. Simunition® bolt carrier assembly conversion can be fired from Colt-style M4 / M16, Diemaco C7/C8 Family; H&K G36 Family; FNC / AK5 Family; Famas and M249 / Minimi / C9 Machine guns.


        Conversion Kits for CQT® Cartridges

The conversion kits used with CQT® Cartridges are designed for basic firearms training or advanced tactical shooting exercises in close quarters. CQT® (Close Quarters Target) cartridges are not designed to be fired at human targets but are ideal for use with reactive, paper or improvised targets.

        The CQT® projectile is made of a special plastic compound and is suitable for training in confined spaces, in urban or suburban environments, indoors or out, without risk of ricochet or serious damage to the training structure. No special ballistic infrastructure or sophisticated bullet trap devices are required. CQT® Cartridges are available in 9 mm and will function with the pistol, submachine gun, rifle and carbine conversion kits.


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