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In competition when seconds count, quick target acquisition is essential. The human eye cannot simultaneously focus on iron sights and the target. Both eyes are open while shooting with Aimpoint sights giving you an unlimited field of view, which can save you valuable seconds.

The parallax free red dot does not wash out in bright sunlight and is easy to acquire. The eye naturally aligns the bright red dot with your target, while the target and the sight can be seen in the same focal plane.

Whether you are a competitor or just enjoy shooting, Aimpoint sights will give you the ultimate advantage.

There are times when you find yourself shooting in less than desirable conditions. It may be on the range in a downpour or in a high humidity climate.

Aimpoint sights are designed with a one piece outer tube that completely protects the inner tube assembly. The adjustment mechanisms are sealed with internal o-rings making the sights totally water and air tight with no risk of condensation or fogging in the sight.

Aimpoint is the leader in development of technology
Electronic sights require batteries. We've developed a new Circuit Efficiency Technology Diode. This technology uses extremely low power consumption compared to other light sources. This gives you thousands of hours of use even with the sight left on.

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