Riot Shields





Arnold Engineering UK - Advanced Limb Protectors maintains its position at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture of specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for police forces, prison services and other specialist applications worldwide.

Resulting from our ongoing collaboration with the Protective Clothing Research Facility, Cambridge University and SATRA Safety Product Centre, our ranges of type-approved and "CE" Marked PPE products incorporate state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods.

Significantly we continually take into account the latest biomechanical and medical data from within the European Standardisation work programme and other scientific forums; further enhancing the knowledge available to us and enabling ongoing evolution within our product development programme.

By adding input from experienced practitioners, the ergonomic performance of our PPE products is improved still further, resulting in probably the most advanced product of their type available.


  Throughout the ages, the personal defence shield has been omnipresent in the range of military equipment. Its original purpose remains the same, although its field of application now extends beyond military use and includes utilisation by police forces, prison services and other civilian organisations worldwide.

Arnold Engineering UK - Advanced Limb Protectors, the innovators in the design and manufacture of the modern police and prison service personal defence shield, are delighted to present our range of personal defence shields.

Constantly evolving over twenty years, with input from leading tacticians and practitioners, these products are now type approved and "CE" Marked following extensive and rigorous assessment in the laboratories of SATRA Safety Product Centre, with EC Type-Examination Certification issued by SATRA Technology Centre, European Notified Body number 0321.

The SATRA test programme involved testing shields to destruction, using penetrating and blunt impacts which replicate the real life threats faced by users of personal defence shields. Arnold Engineering UK - Advanced Limb Protectors use polycarbonate and high impact ABS in the manufacture of our personal defence shields; materials which easily pass the SATRA tests and which provides significant protection to the user in real operational situations. Other materials do not pass the SATRA tests and may not provide adequate protection from commonly-faced threats in real life scenarios.