Sound Suppressors

  Silencers and Sound Suppressors are designed to reduce the Sound Signature of firearms. The development of Silencers and Sound Suppressors has begun over a century ago and hundreds of variations and techniques have been tried with more or less success to reduce the noise of a firing weapon.

Any projectile with a speed over 330 Meter per second is breaking the speed of sound and this is resulting in a supersonic crack.

When firing any type of conventional firearms, the projectile is “pushed” through the barrel by the propelling gases of the burning powder of the cartridge. When the projectile leaves the barrel, the propelling gases are released to the environment without control.
  The gases normally have a speed three times as fast as the projectile itself. Looking at a normal 9mmx19 Pistol Ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 360 m/s, the expanding gases at the muzzle have a speed of over 1000 m/s. In this example, the resulting noise signature of the Standard 9mm Pistol has 2 cracks. First the expanding gases of the propellant and then the supersonic crack of the projectile. The supersonic crack of the projectile is produced during the complete trajectory of the projectile.


  Types of Suppressors

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