Tactical Handguards

  The fast growing selection of accessories in the field of tactical accessories has brought up the demand for weapon specific attachment interfaces.

With the introduction of the TRH Tactical Rail Handguards, all the requirements can be fulfilled by granting the following features:

- Replacement of standard weapon hand guard without any
  modification of the weapon.

- Solid mounting on weapon guaranteed not loosen itself during

- MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail Pattern

- AC-100 High Grade Aluminium

- Hardcoat anodized with Teflon insert

These features allow the soldier to equip his weapon to the mission specific standard with a variety of equipment such as:

- Red Dot or Holographic Sights
- Night Vision or Combination of Day Sight with Night Vision
- Visible and/or IR Target Laser
- Quick detachable Grenade Launcher
- Tactical Light
- Vertical Foregrips
- Rail Covers

The recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown impressively how the use of the right weapon configuration is making the difference between success and failure in combat.

  Types of Handguards

4 Pistol Handguards
4 Rifle / SMG Handguards