Red Dot Sight





Aimpoint manufactures a red dot sight without magnification or optical distortion. It uses a LED (light emitted diode) which is totally harmless for the eyes.

What a red dot sight is not:
It is not a magnifying scope with an illuminated reticle. With illuminated reticle, the dot must be centered in the sight and you have an eye relief to think of. With a red dot sight from Aimpoint, you don't have to center the dot and you have no eye relief.

It is not a laser. A laser is visible on the target. The red dot sight is only seen by the shooter.

It is not an holosight. The holosight technology is less performant in terms of battery life time for example and is dangerous to the eyes if the lens brakes.

In fast shooting situations an Aimpoint red dot sight is absolutely superior to all other types of sight and is user's friendly.

The ACET-Technology
An electronic sight requires power to work. The length of time that the red dot can remain lit depends on two things; the power consumption of the light source and the capacity of the battery.
Aimpoint’s choice of batteries is based on availability as well as storage and temperature characteristics. To achieve the longest possible operating times, Aimpoint has therefore focused its efforts on developing a completely new technology called Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET), which has extremely low power consumption compared to other light sources.
The batteries used are 3V Lithium, chosen because of their superior temperature and storage capabilities.

ACET sights can last nearly
50,000 hours (on setting 7 out of 10) on a single DL1/3N battery. That is 49,000 hours more than other competitive sights on the same setting.

The size of the dot
You can buy ACET sights in two different dot sizes, 2 or 4 MOA*. When factoring in speed and accuracy, extensive trials have shown that 4 MOA is the optimal dot size for most users. Tests performed by the military have repeatedly proven that one single red dot is the reticle with which marksmen most quickly fire a well-aimed shot.

*MOA (Minute of angle)

4 1 MOA = 30 mm at 100 m (1” at 100 yards)
4 2 MOA = 60 mm at 100 meters (2" at 100 yards)
4 4 MOA = 120 mm at 100 meters (4" at 100 yards)

In practice this means that the 4 MOA dot covers the target with:

4 30 mm at 25 meters (1" at 25 yards)
4 60 mm at 50 meters (2" at 50 yards)
4 120 mm at 100 meters (4" at 100 yards)



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