Earth Anchor
Anchor blade for recovery vehicles



    Surface Clearance Device
    Light Weight Mine Roller
    Magnetic Signature Duplicator
    Remote Control
    Dozer Blade
  Technical Overview  

 Technical Summary

    Obstacle Clearance Blade
Earth Anchor is a front or rear mounted vehicle stabilisation and anchoring blade for armoured recovery vehicles. If required, it can also be designed to provide a dozing and obstacle clearance capability.

In the front and rear mounted position, Earth Anchor can be used as a stabilisation and anchoring blade for winching and craning operations.

In addition, a spade version is available for the stabilisation of self-propelled artillery.

Earth Anchor is designed to withstand the forces experienced during double-reeve winching operations. The hardened steel cutting edges give excellent performance in all ground conditions.

When not in use, the compact blade is raised and stowed close to the host vehicle hull.
  Earth Anchorís physical configuration is dependant on user requirements and vehicle characteristics.     Earth Anchor
        Excavator Arm
          Short Gap Crossing
        Crowd Control
          Vehicle Integration