Remote Control
Controlling a vehicle from a safe location


    Surface Clearance Device
    Light Weight Mine Roller
    Magnetic Signature Duplicator
    Remote Control
    Dozer Blade
  Technical Overview  

 Technical Summary

    Obstacle Clearance Blade
The Remote Control System (RCS) provides safe and reliable operation, by radio link, of any vehicle from a remote location. Applications include tele-operation of mine clearance, obstacle breaching and route proving vehicles where crew protection is paramount. The presence of RCS does not affect normal (manned) operation of the host vehicle.

As a minimum the RCS is capable of controlling: steering, accelerator, service and parking brakes, gear and driving direction selection and camera selection. Feedback is provided for: vehicle speed, heading, pitch and roll, system configuration and faults, engine speed and selected video camera.

Control and feedback of other vehicle systems and other installed equipment can be provided and RCS is compatible with all Pearson Engineering equipment.

Multiple low-light video cameras on the host vehicle provide all round vision, and night-vision video cameras can be supplied if required.

Performance data from the remote vehicle is overlaid on high resolution video displayed at the command end.

Additional video display units may also be installed inside the host vehicle to improve driver vision during manned operation.
        Earth Anchor
    Data Link Range
3.6km (2.2 miles)

        Excavator Arm
    Video Link Range
>5km (3.1 miles) Line-of-Sight (use of digital video technology also gives a Non-Line-of-Sight capability)

    Short Gap Crossing
        Crowd Control
    Operating pressure
10bar (145PSI) (controls are actuated pneumatically)

    Vehicle Integration
24/28 VDC vehicle electrical system