Excavator Arm
Armoured digging and manipulating


    Surface Clearance Device
    Light Weight Mine Roller
    Magnetic Signature Duplicator
    Remote Control
    Dozer Blade
  Technical Overview  

 Technical Summary

    Obstacle Clearance Blade
The Excavator Arm provides an Armoured Engineer Vehicle with a powerful excavating, grabbing and lifting capability.

The Excavator Arm is permanently fitted to the hull and offset on a sturdy slewing ring. It is operated from the vehicle hydraulics.

The Excavator Arm is equipped with a 1.00 cu m (35.3 cu ft) bucket and an object pick-up thumb for grabbing and lifting. The thumb is a permanent feature, stowing neatly along the outer jib (the ‘stick’).

An optional boom-mounted earth auger is 0.70m (28”) in diameter and is capable of boring 2.00m (7’7”) deep holes.

8.00m (26’3”)

    Earth Anchor
        Excavator Arm
    Excavation capacity
180 cu m/hr with its 1 cu m bucket (6,357 cu ft/hr with its 35.3 cu ft bucket)

    Short Gap Crossing
        Crowd Control
    Example lifts
2.4t at 7.00m, 7.0t at 3.50m (521lb at 7’11”, 15,432lb at 11’6”)

    Vehicle Integration
    Pull force
120kN (26,977lbf)

    Push force
80kN (17,985lbf)