Under armour payload dispenser


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The Marking System is a vehicle mounted electro-pneumatic payload dispensing system commonly used for marking the boundaries of routes and areas. It may also be used for dispensing other, more specialised payloads. The light weight and low volume of the system make it suitable for installation on all types of vehicles.

The Marking System can be used by itself or combined with other Pearson Engineering equipment such as the Mineplough or Surface Clearance Device to give a vehicle the ability to clear and mark a cleared lane.

Each modular dispenser unit carries 50 payload units, and units can be coupled in sets to increase system capacity.

Payloads are reusable and can be reloaded by the user without the need for special tools. Options include:

Standard payload, a 1.00m (39”) long marker pole with fluorescent and reflective identification panels

4 Night-time pole with LED's
4 GPS transponder
4 Infra-red beacon
4 Radio relay

Payload spacing can be varied from the vehicle-mounted control box. Options include: on demand, pre-set time intervals or distance-based intervals (interface with the vehicle’s speed sensor).
        Earth Anchor
    Vehicle Electrical Supply
24/28 v DC

        Excavator Arm
    System Weight
(without payload)
76kg (168lb)

    Short Gap Crossing
        Crowd Control
    Marker pole length
(nominal standard)
1.00m (39”)

    Vehicle Integration
(per dispenser unit)
50 reusable

7.0bar (100PSI)