Vehicle Integration
Installing our equipment


    Surface Clearance Device
    Light Weight Mine Roller
    Magnetic Signature Duplicator
    Remote Control
    Dozer Blade
  Technical Overview         Obstacle Clearance Blade
Pearson Engineering can provide a complete solution for equipment integration. We have extensive installation experience on a wide range of military tracked and wheeled vehicles.

Pearson Engineering provides a complete installation kit to control and power our equipment. Typically, this kit will include:

Control units
Hydraulic power unit (usually for Mineplough, Dozer Blade, Mine Roller)
Pneumatic power unit (usually for Marking System)
Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic interconnections
Mechanical mountings, fixtures and guards
Installation options include:

Hydraulic Jettison System
The Hydraulic Jettison System eases fitting and removal, in both emergency and routine conditions, of all our front-end equipment. The system forms part of the common front-end equipment mounting interface and allows equipment interchange within minutes.

High Lift Adapter
A high lift capability can be incorporated into the Hydraulic Jettison System. A much greater front end approach angle is thus achievable, considerably improving vehicle mobility and reducing the risk of damage to the front-mounted equipment.

Indirect Vision System
Provides the vehicle crew with improved under armour vision from externally mounted video cameras. Camera outputs are viewed on LCD display screens at the crew stations and all round vision is possible in day and night time conditions.
        Earth Anchor
        Excavator Arm
          Short Gap Crossing
        Crowd Control
          Vehicle Integration